In this globalized era, company is demanded to concentrate on strategic activities which is directly related to the core business process. Management team also demanded to be able to run the business in more efficient and effective manner either in cost or time consideration. These efforts need to be carried out in order that the company be able to survive in the tight business competition.

On one side, management team must prioritize their attention to the business, however in the other hand, management team are also demanded to pay attention to the internal conditions of a company, of which among them is the human resource which usually facing more problems than other divisions.


Reacting to that condition, at the moment, firstasia consultants come through as partner with brand: Mitra Kerja in a form of cooperation Outsourcing Services. Our Outsourcing Process is one alternative that could be utilized in simplifying the business process, by giving a considerable part of human resource management activities for your employees, especially who get working function in non-core business processes to the second party.


• Improving your company’s focus on core business.
• Distributing risks.
• Existing manpower could be utilized for other activities.
• Reducing investment for non-core business activities.
• Having PARTNER in solving problems related to the labor issues, especially Industrial Relation.

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